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"You have done a commendable Job. It is a very useful tool. I can see the sincerity and your dedication in the way you have shown each aspect of the tool. It will make a life easier for many. A very useful and unique concept." -Head IT, manufacturing company

"Solution by KG team to manage our legacy application and reporting requirements, provided when it was most needed in a short period. Team has done a tremendous job despite having no previous knowledge of the base application or database. No migration was required to a different database which resulted in cost and time saving. The solution was immediately accepted and acknowledged by senior management of the bank." -Vice President - IT, German Based ,
Investment Bank.


Ashok Bakthavathsalam

Founder, Director, KGiSL Group of Companies

Mix a healthy dose of charisma, sharpness, quick thinking and a lot of grit and you have the ingredients that describe Ashok Bakthavathsalam. As the Founder & Director of KG Information Systems Private Limited group of companies, Ashok Bakthavathsalam is responsible for KGISL’s growth by playing a key role in both leadership and management of the company. Following the footsteps of his father, Dr. G.Bakthavathsalam, a leading heart surgeon in India, Ashok is passionate about providing IT solutions to HealthCare where by it is “HealthCare” for all. Tenacious, passionate and determined, Ashok has helped the company quickly achieve a high level of prominence in a very competitive business environment.

Sridharan Srinivasulu

Director, Co-founder, KGiSL Group of Companies

Sridharan Srinivasalu has about three decades of experience in the IT field. Sridharan Srinivasalu has tremendous experience in the working of multiple platforms and technologies to provide cutting edge software solutions to various market segments in the areas of Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, Engineering and Transportation.

Anantha Ramakrishnan,

CEO, KG Intechgra

Anantha Ramakrishnan, leads the DBLuminous practice. Ananth has the extraordinary distinction of holding Master’s Degrees in Mathematics, Science; Computer Applications and Finance. Corporately, Ananth used this foundation of knowledge to provide impactful outcomes at Unilever, GE, Oracle and JPMorgan Chase USA. These results were created from Ananth’s ability to Strategize and lead cross-functional teams in large scale Data Warehouse, OLAP and Multi-dimensional modeling application design projects. Recognized for his insightfulness, ability to manage people and global technology systems Ananth provides strong value to the relationships with Associates, Partners and Customers.